The Brewer's Table

A Story of time



Our Base

Everything beautiful takes time to smooth out the blemishes & imperfections. Time is wise, for it knows what comes after we stumble and is patient as we create something beautiful.

Wood embodies the wisdom & patience of time. That is why we use wood to impart those lessons & flavors into the beer and food for our guests.


Our Passion

The passion that drives us is to discover a new way to experience beer and food. When a chefs realizes a kitchen is a brewery and a brewer realizes a brewery is a kitchen, magical things will happen.

It is only when a brewer and a chef share the same pantry we can achieve our passion to make beer as good as food and food as good as beer.


The History

The Brewer’s Table is built into a piece of history. The building is a Quonset Hut built in 1951 as apart of the Camp Swift Army Base in World War 2.

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