Wood and its influence on food


One of my favorite times of the day in the kitchen is the first few moments after the fire has been lit. The intoxicating aroma of burning embers and charred wood fills the air, and its ethereal charm takes ahold of the entire room. It’s effect on food is even more dramatic. I can always tell when something has been cooked nicely over a well-made fire. The flavor of smoke and char is unmistakable, and the fire leaves marks of it’s beautiful destruction all over the food. At The Brewer’s Table, our fires have left us in a state of constant wonder. What else can we cook over the coals? How can we manipulate or control the fire in ways we haven’t thought of? Lately, we have been obsessing over grilled fruits and vegetables. Once the fire takes hold, the food is forever changed.

Another way that we introduce the flavor of wood into our food is through barrel aging. In the same way our beer is fermented in wooden vessels, we’ve begun storing sauces in barrels to introduce the flavor of oak. The barrel aging process adds a level of sweetness and umami, that is only achieved through this process. It is a match made in heaven for us.  

Cody Haltom