We love food as much as we love beer as much as we love food, and our brewing philosophy reflects the kitchen, the seasons, and the unrelenting sunshine of central Texas. The beer lineup focuses heavily on the versatility of lagers and the influence and beauty of wood in fermentation. In fact, to say we’re heavily lager forward is to ignore the fact that our current menu consists entirely of foedered lagerbier. This was not an accident. With absolutely no disrespect toward ales, we want to push the boundaries of what lagers can be. And, you know what, we’ll slip an ale in there a some point in time. Maybe.

Much like the fluidity of the kitchen menu, the house beers reflect our experimental nature. While we hold tight to two core beers, even these will adapt and evolve with our palates and our temperaments.


The Common Lager

It’s only right to pay homage to our mentors, and, with our fearless leader, Jake Maddux, calling Anchor Brewing home in a past life, we wanted to respect the great brewing ancestors with our version of the flagship steam beer. Crisp, bready malt notes shine through the floral pop of Cascade and Northern Brewer hops on the nose.

OG: 12.2°P | IBU 25 | ABV 5.1%

 Vor Ort

The lagerbier scene in Austin, TX is truly something special within the United States, and we sincerely hope to positively contribute to that reputation. Hence, Vor Ort, or “In Place”, a tribute to the German brewing traditions of Central Texas. This light lager consists of German Pilsner malt, flaked maize, and a rotating variety of hops to finish with a bright, clean bouquet of continental hop delight. The first iteration featured German Perle, a beautiful hop with earthy notes and hints of mint. Round two of Vor Ort introduced the wild Czech hop Kazbek.

OG: 10.5°P | IBU 21 | ABV 4.5%



Idee Fixe *On Tap Now*

We love a good tribute (as indicated by damn near every beer on the menu), thus, it only felt appropriate to pay homage to our Executive Chef Zach Hunter and his most recent stint at the beloved Austin restaurant Fixe, a beautiful take on southern cuisine. In music and literature, the Idee Fixe is the recurring theme or obsession of a piece of work, the axis around which all events revolve. This beer highlights our obsession, our fixation with the thoughtful approach to food and beer by combining the base of a Czech dark lager with black tea leaves and candied lemons. In conjunction with honey malt to bring up a touch of sweetness, this sweet tea riff is deceptively quenching and absolutely works served over ice with a lemon wedge. Much love, chef!

OG: 12.5°P | IBU 18 | ABV 5.1%

  Baltic Hash

I love a good breakfast hash, and, what’s more, I learned to love a good sweet potato hash. One visit to Portland, OR shaped my opinion and opened my eyes to the world of the sweet potato hash, and subsequently piqued my curiosity about creating this dish in a liquid format. The result is a bastard Baltic Porter, brewed with roasted sweet potatoes added during the mash, toasted mesquite pod syrup in the boil, and grapefruit zest after eight weeks of conditioning in a heavy toast foeder. The result is a true breakfast beer, meant to be paired with the nearest pancake or sausage link.

OG: 16.4°P | IBU 28 | ABV 6.7%

Lager Smashed Face

Lager Smashed Face is one-part beer, one-part tribute to Cannibal Corpse, and another part friendship. This S.M.a.S.H. beer showcases Vienna malt and Loral hops to create a crushable summer beverage, with notes of pineapple, honey, and peaches. Lager Smashed Face gestated in our 15bbl "Medium +" toast foeder under constant supervision to keep a check on the oak tannins and oxygen ingress. Come get you a few pints and unleash the bloodthirst!

OG: 11.8°P | IBU 27 | ABV 4.9%