Snacks for the Table    smoked swordfish dip, zucchini pakora, fresh peaches, pan con tomate   17

Hearth Bread    mesquite butter, roasted garlic    8

Summer Bean and Barley Salad    appalachian blue barley, black beans, summer veggies, tomato ranch    12

Royal Red Shrimp Ceviche   mango, cucumber granita, meyer lemon jam  15

Swordfish Belly Lardo    radish and melon, smoked tomato toffee, annato    14

Venison Tartare    toasted sonoran wheat, sourdough pita, fermented herbs, toasted brewer’s yeast    16

Aged Pork Ribs    black beer vinegar, garden dry rub, yeast pickles     17

King Fish   eggplant achiote, smoked clams, smokra, toasted corn broth    25

Embered Cabbage Roll    old world heirloom grains, preserved tomato, beer cream, charred cabbage broth     18

Chicken Paprikash    parsley lardo, beer grain spaetzle, crispy skin     22

Smoked Rabbit Carnitas    fermented mushroom, Oaxacan green corn tortillas, pig blood mole     25



Feasts are meant to be shared between 2 people, and include all three of tonight’s sides.


RANCH - 75


black garlic jus  

squash butter

GULF — 60

Grilled Red Snapper

 guajillo, summer squash, salsa verde


Squash BBQ

ember roasted acorn squash, hazelnut tahini, sour cream & chive


summer watermelon, tomato aguachile, the salty lady gose
grilled shishitos, sweet corn mayo. peanut

braised green beans, roasted tomato, charred onion creme fraîche 




Saison Baba Cake    9

peach jam, almond cream

Ice Cream Cone    4

toasted barley ice cream, yeast caramel, hop honey, beer grain waffle

Whipped Chocolate Mousse    8

malted rye, carmelized banana, hazelnut milk

Summer Berries    7

maple cake, citrus, yogurt mousse

Château du Levant (2011)   Sauternes   10

Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac  11

Graham’s   20yr Tawny Port   13

Fattoria Montellori   Vin Santo   15


Coffee   3 

Tea   3