Common Lager 5.3%,  flagship, dry, crisp, floral    6 / 16oz

Vor Ort, 5.0% crushable, classic, flaked, maize, hallertau blanc 6 / 16oz

Idée Fixe, 4.9%, summer, English breakfast, lemon zest, black tea leaves    6 / 16oz

Sleepytime Lagerbier, 4.9%, chamomile, preserved lemon, toasted milk powder, sleep tight    6 / 16oz

Husked Away, 5.0%, toasted corn husks, black limes, Mexican lager, crispy    6 / 16oz

Fine., 4.9%, hops, hops, lager, hops 6 / 16oz

Land Grab, 5.7%, hay, smoked apples, sunchokes, toasted milk powder, fest lager 6 / 16oz

Whole30, 5.6% Hopperdashery fresh hops, pale lager, lemony, herbaceous 6 /16oz


Blanche De Bruxelles, Brasserie Lefebvre, 4.5%, Belgian Witbier, orange peel, corlander    6 / 16oz

Anchor Steam, Anchor Brewing, 4.9%, California Common, malty amber, woody, clean finish    6 / 16oz

Maiden Voyage, NOLA Brewery, 7.9%, Foudre Aged Saison Sour, lemon, tart, wild yeast, crisp    8 / 12oz

Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Brewery, 5.2%, International Amber Lager, caramel, dry-hop aroma    6 / 16oz

Taras Boulba, Brasserie De La Senne, 4.5%, Farmhouse Saison, hoppy, earthy, light, floral    11 / 12oz

Electric Jellyfish, Pinthouse Pizza, 6.5%, New Style IPA, orange, mango, lychee, floral backbone    8 / 16oz

Saison Dupont, Brasserie Dupont, 5.6%, Saison, refreshing, moderately-bitter, peppery, very dry    12 / 12oz

Kalamazoo Stout, Bell’s Brewing, 6.0%, American Stout, smooth, dark chocolate, coffee, hop forward    8 / 16oz

San Diego Pale Ale .394, AleSmith Brewery, 6.0%, American Pale Ale, citrus, malt, piney, hops, Tony Gwynn    6 / 16oz

Yellow Rose, Lone Pint Brewery, 6.6%, SMaSH  , orange nectar, piney, peach, honey    6 / 16oz

Luchamosa, Oasis Brewing, 5.0%, Lager Kellerbier, blood orange, floral, refreshing    6 / 16oz

Backwoods Bastard, Founders Brewing, 11.0%, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale, smoke, sweet caramel, earthy spice, dark fruit    9 / 6oz

Arlo, Shacksbury, 6.2%, Cider, wild fermentation, aromatic, grapefruit, dry    6 / 12oz

Deer Snacks, Shacksbury, 6.9%, Cider, wild Vermont apples, wild yeast, wild artwork    7 / 12oz

Snooze, Infinite Monkey Therom, 11%, Urban Austin, stone fruit, citrus, floral    11 / 5oz

Chardonnay, Vinovium, 13.8%, Napa Valley, oak, buttery, crisp    11 / 5oz

Ocotillo Red (Chilled), Vinovium, 13.8%, Texas High Plains, jammy, blackberries, bold, dry    11 / 5oz



Detritivore, Jester King, 6.3%, Wild Specialty Beer, second refermentation on cherries    42

Ozark Brut, Argus Cidery, 6.9%, Dry Cider, aged in oak barrels for 3 years, complex 36



Didn’t Order This junipero gin, amico amaro, lemon, orange bitters, land grab 12

Good Hearted Woman 1876 vodka, cointreau, lemon, cranberry, allspice dram 12

Around the Binzer old overholt rye, mesquite pod maple syrup, lemon, egg white 12

Big River mezcal union, green chartreuse, grapefruit, lime, peychaud’s bitters 12

Hop & Bothered old grand-dad bonded bourbon, mandarine napoleon, hop honey 12

Paloma Mora cimarron reposado tequila, creme de mure, lime, grapefruit, salt 12




Jameson Irish, hops, pear, green apple, vanilla    8

High West Double Rye!, rye spices, mint, wildflower honey, allspice, anise   13

Whistle Pig 10yr, sweet, hints of caramel, vanilla, spice, mint, butterscotch     20

High West Campfire, vanilla, honey, black cherries, nutmeg, tobacco, gentle smoke      21

Whistle Pig Single Barrel, Austin Shaker exclusive, thirteen year aged, spice, mint      25

 Kentucky Owl 11yr “No.2”, honey, cinnamon, baking spices, brown sugar, red pepper      31


Elijah Craig Small Batch, woody, accents of spice, smoke, and nutmeg    10

Ben Milam Bourbon, brown sugar, caramel, vanilla    12

Russell’s Reserve 10yr, cinnamon, roasted wood, leather, baking spices     13

Belle Meade Madeira, madeira cask aged, Wildflower honey, dried black cherry    18


Monkey Shoulder, zesty orange, mellow vanilla, honey, and spiced oak    10

Jura Seven Wood, caramelized peach, anise, candied orange, salinity, smoke    22

 Macallan 12yr, hints of vanilla, oak, spice, sweet dried fruits, smooth    24

Aberlour A’bunadh, orange, black cherries, dried fruit, ginger, lingering sherry    30



1876, smooth, neutral, finish of coriander and cardamom    8

Titos, clean, sweet corn, black pepper    8

Chopin, complex, earthy, potato    11



Arette Blanco, highland, citrus, green herbs    8

Cimarron Reposado, highland, citrus, black pepper, caramel    8

Tequila Ocho Reposado, spicy, cooked agave, notes of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves    17

G4 Anejo, two years in oak bourbon barrels, light pepper, floral, smoky  26



Union Uno, lycee, jalapeno, banana, vanilla sweetness, floral    12

Del Maguey Vida, fruit aromatics, ginger, sandalwood, tangerine, roasted agave    14

Vago Elote, honeycomb, green tropical fruit, mint, smoke    20



Desert Door, white peppercorn, rose water, oaky vanilla, hints of smoke    15



Casa Magdalena, Clean, grassy, light caramel notes, white pepper bite    8

Gosling’s Gold Seal, rich, fruity, vanilla bean, white toffee    8



Ford’s, juniper, coriander seed, sharp, bright, earthy, jasmine    8

Junipero, floral, crisp, juniper forward, clean citrus    9

Bluecoat, earthy, pine needles, citrus, refined    15




Domaine Riefle, Cremant d’ Alsace, Brut Rose, Alsace    13 / 48

Val de Mer, Patrick Piuze, Chardonnay, Burgundy    14 / 52

Philippe Gonet, Blanc De Blanc, Grower Champagne, France    95



Clos Les Montys, 2017, Muscadet, Goulaine    13 / 48

Duchman Winery, 2017, Vermentino, Texas High Plains    14 / 50

“1953”, 2017, Bourgogne Aligote, Chablis FR    16 / 56

COS, 2015, Rami, Sicily    75


Château Coutinel, 2017, Fronton, Toulouse   13 / 48

 Jean Leon, 2016, Pinot Noir, Torrelavit   15 / 56


Santa Cristina, 2015, Italian Blend, Toscana   13 / 48

Col dei Venti, 2016, Barbera D’AstiCastiglione Tinella    14 / 54

Bois Jacou, 2016, Gamay, Loire    15 / 58

COS, 2016, Frappato, Sicily 70


Maine Root Soda   4

Mexican Coke 4

St. Arnold’s Root Beer 4

Big Swig Sparkling Water   2

Fever Tree Indian Tonic  4

Tea   3

Coffee    3