S & V Chips, beer brine, malt vinegar   3

Fried new potatoes, aioli   5   (add chicken liver mousse +3)

Grilled chicken drumstick, szechuan basil crumble, hazelnut tahini   5/each

Dry aged pork rib, yeast pickles, garden dry rub   5/each

Summer watermelon salad, tomato aguachile, the salty lady gose    8

Grilled shishitos, sweet corn mayo, peanut    8


Pastrami Board    15

pastrami brisket, beet pastrami, beer cheese foam, grilled bread  


Smoked Fish Dip    12

new potato, meyer lemon buttermilk, grilled bread 


Summer Bean and Barley Salad    8

appalachian blue barley, heirloom calico peas, summer veggies, tomato ranch


Tomato-Peach Soup    10

crispy grilled cheese, fermented fresno foam


Summer Veggie Sandwich, S&V Chips    12

sourdough rye, shaved radish and cucumber, summer squash, black pepper jam


Fried Chicken Sandwich, S&V Chips    15

sweet and spicy peppers, fried egg, mesquite buttered roll


Hearth Burger, S&V Chips    15

dry aged beef, mushroom mayo, raclette, buttered roll


Ice Cream Cone    4

toasted barley ice cream, yeast caramel, hop honey, beer grain waffle cone