“Food and booze have long been best friends. However ...while many of us have picked up ... there has been much less focus on the best ways to use beer in the kitchen, besides for drinking while cooking, of course. The team behind the soon-to-open Austin beer-focused restaurant The Brewer’s Table is working to change that.”

-Food & Wine (5 Tips for Cooking with Beer)



“The Brewer’s Table will open with a mission that could be disruptive to the restaurant industry on several fronts.”

- Food Republic


“The Brewer’s Table aims to be the most fully integrated food-and-beer program in the region.”

- Imbibe’s 75 People, Places and Flavors that will shape the way you drink in 2017, Jan/Feb 2017


The Next Generation of restaurants that might have a place on next year’s Best New Restaurants list.

-Austin Monthly, November 2017


Most Anticipated 2017 Restaurant Openings in 15 U.S. Cities